Breathtaking Islamorada Diving

If you’ve ever thought about scuba diving, there may be no better place to dive than Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Rich with marine life, diving is popular among residents and tourists alike. In fact, many of the dive instructors you will find in Islamorada first came to The Keys on vacation and fell in love. Once you dive once, the passion builds inside of you. Many dive instructors have left their corporate jobs to make their dream of island living a reality. The waters of the Florida Keys are home to the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States making it a dive location you won’t soon forget. Ship wrecks are also a favorite of divers to visit when Diving around Islamorada.

Islamorada is a great place for first time divers because of the shallow coral reefs. With many of the reefs being only 10-15 feet under water, shallow water diving provides as much beauty as diving in deeper waters. Snorkeling is also a favorite among visitors because of the shallow reefs. For people who might be a little timid about diving, they can always try their hand at snorkeling first and then move to shallow water diving. All of the dive guides in Islamorada are well trained and want to make sure you have a great experience. They will help to put any fears you have at ease so that you will have a fantastic dive.

Most dive shops in Islamorada provide visitors with day and night dives. If you are thinking of visiting the area, check online to see what shops might be running dive specials. There are a variety of different services that you can include with your dive. If you own your gear, you might opt to use a valet service where you leave your gear with the dive shop. The valet service will set up your gear for you the day of your first dive and will maintain it between dives. You’ll leave it with the shop until you are ready to go home. You can also rent a nice set of gear if you don’t already own your own.

If you are past the beginner stage, dive guides in Islamorada are still of great benefit. They know the best dive spots and the best time to visit them. If you are interested in underwater photography, Key Dives in Islamorada has a special class they offer that will help you develop these skills. Their professional underwater photographers will take you on a dive to specifically get the best shots of marine life. Whatever kind of dive you would like to try, dive guides in Islamorada strive to make it happen.

If you want to make sure you have more of a guided presence underwater, go with a shop that has a low ratio of students to dive guide. Dive guides love to show you all of the different species on your islamorada diving trip. The Caribbean is the perfect place to see many beautiful and exotic things. It’s the perfect place to start diving and to hone your skills as a scuba diver. From beginner PADI courses to PADI Divemaster, Islamorada dive shops offer all the certifications to meet your next goal as an open water diver.